A New Approach to Fine Jewelry

    Embracing jewelry as a non-gendered means of self-expression. Always.

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    Dynamic and Versatile

    Thoughtful use of precious materials combined with architectural forms creates an understated elegance that gives the ability to craft your own individual style.

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    Creating Legacy, Not Fashion

    With solid 18K gold and fine quality gemstones, forging pieces that last a lifetime. Not fashion but legacy.

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    Classic Style With A Twist

    Understated details wrapped in 18K gold and precious gems.

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    Find Your Inspiration

    Find Your Inspiration

    Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.

    Rooted in hidden symbolism and universal themes that transcend cultural boundaries, all pieces found in the Hannah Allene collection draw inspiration from beauty around the world -- and beyond, connecting us all in the human experience.

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